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Letter — Fight Nevada tax increase

While other states are raising their already high taxes, we have a unique opportunity to diversify our economy. Instead, we have had proposed the most onerous of business taxes. Companies already sited in Nevada have announced that they will leave and major companies looking to consolidate their national operations into Nevada have said they will go elsewhere.

How would the tax work?

a.. Let’s say a builder wants to install a heater in a new home.

a.. A steel maker makes steel and sells it to a bolt manufacturer and charges GRT.

a.. The bolt maker makes the bolts and sells them to a heater firm and charges GRT.

a.. The heater company buys some more steel to build the heater and gets charged GRT.

b.. He then builds a heater with the bolts and steel and sells it to a construction supply house and charges GRT.

a.. The supply company buys some more steel to fabricate the ventilation system piping and is charged GRT.

b.. They sell the heater and piping to the Heating Contractor and charge him GRT.

c.. The Heating Contractor installs the heater and piping in the home and charges the builder GRT.

d.. Finally, the builder sells the home to a buyer and charges the buyer GRT.

The tax can easily compound 5 to 6 times on some items and nothing in a home could have less than a doubling of GRT unless the builder grew his own trees or made his own steel and could fabricate everything else he needed.

Write a letter and help give your representative the backbone he needs to oppose this regressive tax on you, the one who will pay for this tax and the administrative costs to collect it. Just remember that Nevada Taxation Director Chuck Chinnock has no idea what the collection costs would be.

There are other more sensible and less costly methods of raising any necessary taxes.

Glen Larsen


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