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Letter — In memory of the Spring Creek bears

On Nov. 18 the serene ethereal forest surrounding us turned into a violent war zone, disturbing all of the creatures that live there, but worst of all taking the lives of three innocent souls. These three souls are the Spring Creek Bears, a beautiful mother bear and her two beautiful baby cubs.

They were all shot, murdered by two government agency trappers. Your hard working tax money paid for these two men to kill this beautiful family of bears.

Scare steps should have been done to scare off any bear or bears away from the area, even if it means having someone there 24 hours a day for seven days in a row camped outside the cabin scaring them off, by doing this over and over again day after day. Eventually, the bear or bears will get the message and will not want to return to that area. I personally know a lot of people that would be willing to work in shifts to do this. So if the DFG thinks they don’t have the money to pay an employee to camp out, well they don’t have to, there’s plenty of us, including myself who will be more than happy to do this, and free of charge!

Knowing that my tax money went to pay for the killing of these bears sickens me, and as a California tax payer is not acceptable to me!. I urge anyone who does not want to see this tragedy to ever happen again, to voice your opinion to the DFG. Also the most important, educate yourself on what you

can do to keep your home a BEAR free ZONE, which by doing so will keep the bears in the forest where they truly belong. I write this in memory of the mother bear and her two cubs of Spring Creek, in the hope that their deaths will bring much needed attention to what happened, and to prevent it from ever happening again.

Anita Chittenden


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