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Letter — Kindness saves Christmas cats

The night following my 65th birthday, the Storm of the 21st Century dropped a huge branch that came through the ceiling of the bedroom. Later that morning another tree fell on the other end of my house. My four cats scattered in four directions in panic. Only hours later, I discovered that my beloved trees turned deadly: two lodgepole pines, laden with snow, arched over my entire house, threatening to crush it and possibly, kill us.

Unable to cope with my terror, I called Kathy at “Four Paws” Pet Grooming and Kennels and she gave me her last four kennels to board my cats. I was in tears as I dropped them off, fearing whether I would ever see them again. They were all abandoned, homeless rescued cats who became loving and pampered companions.

I spent the next three days in mortal fear, unable to eat or, sleep and mentally saying Good Byes to beloved people and memorabilia lovingly collected over the years. I have never experienced such terror in my life – including my escape under gunfire from my native Hungary after the 1956 revolution… I spent the next three days frantically calling every tree service in town. Those who did return my calls all turned me

down due to unstable conditions while the threat to our lives grew by the minute. I prayed and prayed, and God heard my prayers and He sent me Josh and Jim from G&R Tree Service, who dared to go where nobody else had the courage to go: 75 feet up my snow laden, arching trees to cut off the limbs and save my home – and, possibly, our lives (even TRPA’s Jessie Jones came out immediately to grant emergency approval.)

As the danger passed, I went to pick up my cats from Four Paws, deeply grateful to God for having a home to bring them back to. Kathy, owner of Four Paws refused to accept any payment for boarding my four cats and insisted that we now go and have a Merry Christmas! My tears and thank you’s cannot fully express the gratitude I feel for Kathy’s kindness. We will have few presents this Christmas but we have the very best present of all — the kindness and helpfulness of good people, and I and the cats will have our home.

Thank you G&R Tree Service and thank you Kathy at Four Paws.

Erika Toth

Lili, Lucky, Peaches and Tisha (the cats)

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