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Letter: Real reason for war is oil

It’s time to start the debate in earnest. There is a greater schism between the rich and poor in America than every before. One percent of the population controlled 13 percent of the wealth in America 20 years ago. Currently 1 percent controls 40 percent of our wealth. The middle class is shrinking, jobs are being cut. Corporations are not creating jobs with profits, instead they pay dividends and bonuses while looking to export jobs. Twenty percent of Americans live below the poverty line. Yet, the average American is richer than most of the rest of the world.

Why are we preparing to attack Iraq? National security and the fact that our former pal in the Middle East is an evil man. If those were truly the reasons, why then has the administration stated that it doesn’t matter if no weapons of mass destruction are found?

The real reason for this war is the occupation and control of oil fields. With a few notable exceptions like our two world wars, wars are fought to make the wealthy wealthier. In the face of a tax cut proposal that will benefit the top 10 percent of the population with 60 percent of the benefits are we really willing to send our young men off to die while incurring more national debt to make the top 1 percent wealthier?

It will be a protracted, costly war in terms of American lives and dollars, not to mention the innocent people who will die, be maimed, or orphaned. The former head of the U.S. weapons inspections has said for the U.S. to take military action in Iraq alone is like taking the law into our own hands and is tantamount to vigilantism. He went on to say that for a nation founded on law, freedom and justice he couldn’t understand how we could justify such action.

Regardless of how the Iraqis feel about Saddam Hussein, they will not dance in the streets when American troops arrive. Their Arab neighbors will come to their defense. Israel will be attacked as the closest friend of America.

We could easily be setting the stage for World War III, all for George W’s oil pals!

Kevin Cole

South Lake Tahoe

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