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Letter: Please stop stealing political signs (Opinion)

This election year in Tahoe and Truckee, as usual, there are an abundance of campaign signs on display. I’ve noticed a disturbing pattern. Every time a Trump sign is posted, it gets stolen a day or two later. Why do Biden voters think it is acceptable to steal and deny anyone who has a different view their right to freedom of speech? 

You people have the right to display an over abundance of Brynne Kennedy signs, but I can’t even have a couple Tom Mcklintock signs? One such sign was stolen from the new river road bypass in Tahoe City immediately after it was placed. 

These are campaign signs that were bought and paid for. I served my country for nine years including two deployments to combat zones and I’m not even allowed equal freedom of speech in my own community? Are local democrat voters threatened by a simple Trump sign or two? Are you counting on the uneducated voters who votes for someone because that candidate has the most signs in town? Or votes only with what they perceive to be the local majority?

I hope people are smarter than that. You don’t see Biden signs disappearing because those of us not voting for Biden know stealing is wrong and believe people have the right to disagree. So please stop stealing our Trump-Pence signs whenever they get replaced. We are Americans too and should have equal rights as Republicans, Independents, or Democrats who support President Trump. You can try and play dirty by stealing our campaign signs but you will not steal our votes.

Al Blarfengar, Homewood

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