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Letter — Thanks for cakes and quilt

Tahoe Daily Tribune

Kudos to the nurses and technicians of BloodSource of Sacramento. To celebrate Pat Amundson’s 77th birthday, they brought two large sheet cakes to share with all the people donating blood on Feb. 24. Pat is a charter member of the Barton Memorial Hospital Auxiliary and has been the Blood Bank chairperson for more than 37 years.

Kudos to Pat, also. She sewed a quilt to honor all those those who have participated in past blood drives. T-shirts that have been given to donors at various times in the past for donating once or attaining the five gallon or more donation levels were pieced together to create the quilt. To make it even more special, Pat added volunteer names in honor of those who donated their time and blood. The quilt will be on display during future blood drives.

Kudos also go to Penny and Bill Burroughs of Quilting Tahoe at (530) 544-9797. They donated the time and equipment of their businesses to add the finishing touches to the quilt.

Vee Gay

Barton Memorial Hospital Auxiliary