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Lyrics not appropriate for public radio

Where do we draw the line on what is acceptable in media? I was taking a walk last Tuesday and a song came on the radio called “Date Rape,” by Sublime. All I heard was, “if it wasn’t for date rape, I wouldn’t get laid.” I changed the channel and thought, “this is really sick, how can it be allowed to broadcast this on a popular, local, public radio station”?

Today I Googled the song and was able to see all the lyrics. The song was in defense against “Date Rape,” but the lyrics were very graphic! I get freedom of speech and expression, but these disturbing acts of violence expressed with even more violence against the perpetrator getting raped in jail is over the top. It goes on to sing about getting drunk at a bar, hitching up with some big shot with a big car, etc.

The messages were very mixed. This is NOT a song I want my young children at the age of 6, 7 and 8 listening to on public radio! Parents have rights too. We choose when, what and where to have these conversations with our children. These are personal choices and our rights are being violated when sensitive material in songs are selected for us by ignorant, insensitive pubic broadcasting executives! These kinds of sexual acts and lewd behaviors by prison guards, etc. are irresponsible broadcasting decisions.

Seriously, what a bunch of immoral pigs. I wonder what you have to say to the wife when you get home tonight! Better yet, what her and the kiddies have to say to Daddy? I’m guessing you’re not getting the “Daddy of the Year” award! What an embarrassment to our moral values with you representing yourselves as you do. I seriously doubt this is a majority vote. I hope you lose your broadcasting license. Have we gotten as far as the F$%k-Y#@’s being acceptable yet? I’m sure some artistic rep is working on it! That’s coming next!

Concerned Mom.

Karen Jaime

South Lake Tahoe

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