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Dear members of the Tahoe Regional Planning Commission:

As members of the board of The Tahoe Regional Planning Commission, you have lost the vision and purpose as to the reason the TRPA was originally created. The TRPA has in the past maintained a level of stewardship in protecting the Tahoe Basin from being turned into an urban nightmare. The Tahoe Basin is the jewel of the Sierra, and the bi-state agency called TRPA was designed to protect the natural beauty and pristine environment of the Tahoe Basin.

This agency is selling out to developers, ignoring established standards and regulations to generate income to operate as a governmental agency, bent on destruction of the Tahoe Basin, the sole reason TRPA was created!

I am launching a campaign to engage both the Nevada State Legislature and the California State legislature to enact legislation to force the TRPA to follow the original mandates of this bi-state agency.

I am also actively involved with the U.S. Senatorial and House of Representative candidates to add this legislation to their campaign messages. This letter is being sent to all four Gubernatorial candidates in California and Nevada.

The TRPA is currently re-writing the rules for construction and development, changing height limits and density limits and basically tossing out established standards all for the sake of developmental fees. I have watched with absolute amazement at the callous, deceitful behavior of this current board. This letter is putting you on notice, the citizens of both Nevada and California will not tolerate your slight of hand games to generate money at the expense of the Tahoe Basin.

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Frank Wright

Crystal Bay