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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Budget a matter of economics

In response to Ron Lowe, where he went on and on blaming Republicans and the Tea Party for budget cuts: It is a matter of simple economics; you must have a budget and you cannot spend what you don’t have. Most children know that; why don’t the Democrats?

The Tea Party is nothing more than real Americans who are opposed to taxation, who are tired of business as usual in government. For those who wish to educate themselves, do some research on who the Tea Party is, rather than listen to the Left and their rhetoric.

It is crucial that we fix our budgets from top to bottom by cutting waste at all levels of government. Times are hard, and not fixing the budget will do nothing but continue to destroy this country and its future.

The first two years of the Obama administration, the Democrats had full power to do whatever they wanted; why didn’t they fix the budgets? Why didn’t they stop the wars? Why haven’t they provided tax breaks to small business to help create jobs? I could go on, but what’s the point when so many would rather blame the right than actually fixing anything? Adding more taxes is not the answer because it will trickle down to all of us, not just the wealthy.

You want to blame someone, look at our president, who just took us into another war. Where is the promise to pull our troops out of Iraq? How many billions did our president give to banks and corporations? How many trillions has President Obama added to the national debt, and yet it didn’t jump-start the economy or fix our problems?

We can all play the blame game, so what’s next?

Kevin Miller


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