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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Bus driver deserves his job

My husband is a city bus driver here in town. A lot of you probably know him. His name is Mike. He is a big guy who loves his job and his riders.

Last week the South Lake Tahoe Police Department denied his application for an exception to a city ordinance preventing him from driving his bus due to a felony in his past. The felony in question was 33 years old. He was 19 at the time. He is 52 now.

His only option to hold on to his job now is to appeal to the City Council. Something we just found out is going to cost $200 to do. I don’t understand this. I don’t understand any of this. I don’t understand why a good man with excellent credentials, more classes and safety certificates than the job requires, who has been hired to drive handicapped, ill, and the elderly both here in Tahoe and in Truckee and in the Bay Area is being kicked to the curb. I don’t get having to pay $200 (especially after having your job and paycheck put on hold) to stand before our town council to beg for your livelihood.

Ask anyone who has ridden with Mike and they will tell you he is a good man. He cares about his passengers. And I know quite a few of you have been recipients of his kindness. If you have, please write the City Council. Let them know that this man paid his debt 33 years ago and deserves to keep his job. Thank you.

Kim Asplund

South Lake Tahoe