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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Commentary from Crawford

The 2009-2010 El Dorado County Grand Jury report was covered well by the Tribune. Also, I agree with the Tribune’s editorial on the report. Let us hope that the council and citizens heed the Tribune’s advice.

In the Tribune’s coverage of council members’ opinion, I was amazed at Mayor Lovell’s responses. It seems that she is in denial; and, of course, the devil in the details is Councilmember Bill Crawford. Lovell claims that the Grand Jury’s comments on malfeasance and nonfeasance were likely directed at Crawford.

When I read her remarks, I thought of “Alice in Wonderland.” When Alice met the Queen of Hearts, the Queen asked Alice a question. The Queen didn’t like Alice’s answer and “turned crimson with fury” and screamed, “Off with her head!” To that Alice said, nonsense. Alice was not afraid because she realized that the Queen was just one card in the deck of cards.

Perhaps our City Council is just a house of cards with its king and queen and joker. Perhaps.

As a council member, I have believed for months that the council has the ethical problems that the Grand Jury outlined.

As I said at the beginning of this letter, I support the Tribune’s editorial opinion on what to do about the Grand Jury report. Denial will not fly. Its wings have been clipped. Disclosure and candor are needed now.

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Bill Crawford

South Lake Tahoe