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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Community effort shines through

Sadness doesn’t capture our shared community sense of disappointment when the Amgen Tour of California race was canceled. No matter how hard we work our weather in the mountains often deals us harsh blows. We are just farmers. We are hardy alpine stock and take it as it comes.

Our little mountain community is painfully struggling. Economic factors including the global economic malaise and the proliferation of gaming drain our local economy. Our population shrinks while we live in neighborhoods eroded with unoccupied second homes and schools close. Unemployment is high and state budgets are terminal. Now we can’t even enjoy our bicycle race. Tough times!

Amgen at Tahoe demonstrates in spite of all our rough conditions we can do many things right. Embracing Amgen and executing the complex organization to make this race possible is a monumental demonstration of collaboration and cooperation, not to mention, optimism and energy within our community. Additional credits include: residents and visitors volunteering; enthusiastic business participation; tourism authorities investing; law enforcement agencies serving; and, our local governments and regulators not only allowing, but facilitating this event shining world-wide recognition on Tahoe. Thank you, Amgen.

The positive effort and sense of working together for a common goal Amgen demonstrated is a model for our future. As we strive to evolve our local economy from gaming to a world class outdoor tourism destination we must capitalize on lessons learned from Amgen.

Except for Mother Nature, we just saw how to successfully achieve a major community goal. Now is the time to apply this knowledge to the revitalization of our community. As for Mother Nature, I still love her.

Mike Bradford

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