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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Correction to Saunders’ column

In her recent editorial about the death penalty, Debra Saunders made a bold claim: “If death penalty opponents can’t defeat a law at the ballot or legislatively, they go to the courts. If the courts don’t comply, they go after doctors, drug companies and corrections departments.” To clarify, death penalty opponents have not “gone after” the drug companies. Ms. Saunders fails to mention that the reason the DEA had to get involved in the first place is because the last domestic supplier of sodium thiopental ceased production this year after it made a public statement objecting to the drug’s use in lethal injection. Death penalty states subsequently began importing the drug from highly questionable foreign suppliers, including the now infamous London “driving school/pharmaceutical export company.” I just wanted to fill in the gaps in Ms. Saunders’ narrative.

John MacGregor

San Francisco

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