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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: CPS group protests court

On April 14 both Tahoe Victims of CPS and members of Eldorado County Victims of CPS protested in front of the Placervile court. There were two men, seven women and one child victim of CPS hoping to improve the quality of justice in what they view as a “kangaroo court.”

The female victims feel the court sanctioned abduction/seizure of their children is worse than being raped. They want people to understand that when a child is wrongfully abducted/seized by CPS, not only does the mother feel incredibly violated but so does the father, grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins. This awful experience leaves an open wound that never fully heals. It is further compounded in cases of long separation or adoption where the mother and relatives live with the fact that the child abducted/seized will be psychologically scarred for life plus is quite often subject to the dangers of fostercare, including lack of biological parental love, nutrition, clothing, recreation and even molestation.

Most foster parents are in it for money rather than love of children. We feel only in the extreme cases of neglect or abuse should the court allow CPS to abduct/seize children. Fortunately we have the right to protest and write letters to the editor.Though the wounds inflicted by CPS will probably never heal, at least there is some venting of the hurt inflicted by an out of control CPS and the un-American secret child dependency courts that parents describe as a modern day “kangaroo court.”

Kim Cotter

Prescott, Ariz.

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