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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Did SnowGlobe bring the right crowd?

I read the comments from local business owners stating how their business was up during the festival and about how many people were attracted to Tahoe as a result of the SnowGlobe Festival.

Let me remind everyone that the SnowGlobe Festival took place during the New Year’s weekend when thousands of people come to Tahoe without the SnowGlobe Festival.

With the type of people that came to Tahoe to attend the festival, I’m sure the head shops’ business improved, as many of the people who came to Tahoe to attend the festival were drug and alcohol abusers.

I mean really, is that the type of people we want to attract to our community?

I personally did not receive a dime of the money made from festival attendees.

I was robbed of three nights sleep, though. Plus there was trash thrown all over the ground in the area where the festival was held.

We live in a beautiful place here in Tahoe and it is very upsetting to me when tourists come here and throw their trash on the ground and out their car windows instead of throwing it into a trash container.

Also something very frightening was told to me by a resident who lives across the highway from where the festival was held. He was so angry that he told me, “I thought about going over there with a gun and quieting things down.”

Now that is scary to think that a local resident was that upset about the noise.

Something like that would be disastrous, to say the least.

Jerry Rice

South Lake Tahoe

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