Letter to the editor: Dogs create problem at disc golf course

What is the City Council going to do about the dog problem that has existed at Bijou Community Park for the past few years? Since the inclusion of the dog park, the “No dogs allowed” signs were removed from the rest of the park, except for the small sign at the food shack and the one in the back area by hole No. 11. Now dogs are allowed to run wild throughout the entire park. I have called animal control but, because there are no signs, when the law is broken they will only give out a warning, only to have the offender return later. It’s a joke among the dog owners out there now who allow their dogs to run off the leash and get into dog fights. Feces are all over, owners are out yelling at their dogs, disturbing the rest of us who are trying to enjoy the park. I have been threatened many times by dogs and their owners who feel it is their right to go wherever they choose, regardless of how its affects anyone else. ThecCity needs to put back the signs and enforce the dog laws that govern their land, and secure the safety of the public before a tragedy happens. For those disc golfers who complain that there is nowhere to go, I suggest the Zephyr Cove disc golf course where dogs are welcomed, even off the leash once you get past hole No. 2 until the 17th hole. Throughout the 17 years that I have been out at the Bijou Disc Golf course, the park has grown in quality and recreation use is up tremendously. Let’s get back to the quality of recreation that many of us have enjoyed and clean it up.

Russ Wey

South Lake Tahoe

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