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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Don’t kill bears for eating our food; it’s their nature

The Lake Tahoe region is a beautiful place, and those who live there are very fortunate. I enjoy visiting. I was, however, disturbed to read in the Aug. 16 edition of the “Wall Street Journal” about the intended killing of Bubba the bear by Carl Lackey and his colleagues. Isn’t it ironic that man builds houses in bears’ natural habitats, leaves garbage out, leaves bird-feeders up, leaves food where it can be smelled or seen and then wants to kill the bear who naturally is attracted to man’s yummy, smelly leftovers. Mr. Lackey, “a biologist,” sounds like more of a bounty hunter than a biologist. The good people of the Tahoe region should, in my opinion, take more care to avoid leaving things that attract the bears.

Shooting a bear, or any animal that is attracted to man’s world by the carelessness of man, should be a crime, not only for the shooter but also the individuals leaving out garbage, etc. Perhaps Mr. Lackey should get a tranquilizer gun and remove Bubba to a new habitat, away from careless residents and tourists. Why does man have any more right to be where the bears are than the bears, and why does Carl Lackey have the right to shoot Bubba or any bear when the root cause of the bear’s behavior is caused by man? It is a sad commentary on man’s lack of respect for our companions on this earth.

Toby Knox

Shelburne, Vt.

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