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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Drunk driving is never acceptable in Tahoe or anywhere

Re: “Can too much law enforcement hurt the Tahoe economy?” Jan. 27, letter to the editor.

The argument in the above letter is unbelievably absurd.

It’s almost too ridiculous to respond to, but if someone doesn’t respond, we risk looking as if our community condones this sort of thinking.

The people of Tahoe certainly do not condone any level of intoxicated driving. This is like suggesting if a person needs eye glasses to see, that person should not have to wear them while driving.

Only this is much worse.

People can drink however much they desire. But if one drinks, even “a beer or two,” one does not drive. Ever.

Drinkers of even “a beer or two” do not have the right to play roulette with others’ lives. End of story.

What kind of reputation will Tahoe have if we let DUI drivers rule the roads? Tahoe is not the moon. We have plenty of taxi cabs here, and I am absolutely certain our tourists-visitors-guests will appreciate knowing that they and their families are safe on our roads.

The best thing for our economy, is for people to visit Tahoe, enjoy themselves, and return home safely to share their vacation stories. They will encourage friends to visit, and they will also happily return for future vacations.

Millicent Behar

Zephyr Cove

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