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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Engaged in the process

The conservation community is engaging in the process, not stalling it. Public input is the process. It troubles us to read a newspaper emboldened and protected by First Amendment rights telling the public to restrain their right of free speech. Yes, the public gets three minutes to speak at TRPA meetings. Even so, at recent governing board meetings the executive director at TRPA has been attempting to limit even that meager citizen input.

Realistically, how can the community convince affected property owners to reduce their designated transect heights (six stories in the North Stateline Plan) and density after the new regional plan has been approved?

Then the citizens will have no leverage against an owner’s natural financial self interests. Yet, that is what TRPA is proposing … we can all work out our Community character desires later with the Counties taking a lead role.

This is what is farfetched and destined for failure. We have been agitating to get the community plans finalized in concert with the new regional plan. Call this solution amateur? We don’t think so.

Transect zoning is supposed to be about transitions in height and density, but the North Stateline Community Plan proposed map has only one transect zone: T5-the greatest height and density shared by only one other area, the South Shore Casino Core. There is no transition from the adjacent residential homes to the 6 stories plus roof line height.

The conservation community is judging the TRPA book not by its cover, but its contents. In recent history, citizens have allowed the process to take place and look at the results. TRPA has acknowledged previous planning missteps after the fact. Tonopalo’s disappearing sand dunes and the Community Enhancement Projects concept (Homewood and Boulder Bay) were admitted mistakes. Let’s all scrutinize the new Regional Plan and transect zoning so it won’t be the next big mistake.

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Ann Nichols

Brockway, Calif.