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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Fees drive boater to another lake

I have been boating in Lake Tahoe for the last 10 years with the same boat. I am outraged about the new fees.

I am all for paying to launch my boat, and if you want to look at my boat for mussels go ahead, but I am not going to pay for the inspection.

I have spent thousands of dollars in the Tahoe area every year, but this is the last straw; I will take my money elsewhere.

I am also and active member of many boat forums and will pass along the new Nazi organization taking over Tahoe. In times like these, you do not want to discourage tourism; I hope to reroute hundreds of thousands of dollars of tourism money with what I have just learned about the new inspection fees; for me it would have been $95 plus the launch fee.

Average cost for this boater Fourth of July week (I save all year for this):

Launch fees – $65

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Food and dining – $1,000

Gas for boat – $1,500

Lodging rental – $1,475

Miscellaneous – $400

Total: $4,440

It is not the cost of the new fee, it is the way the TRPA does business. Going to another lake this year.

Bret Parker

Wellington, Nev.