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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Financial woes for many

My parents called me Peter Pan when I first moved here because they thought Tahoe was Never Never Land and I was never going to grow up and be a responsible adult and all I wanted to do was play. Well they were right, I did want to play and I didn’t want to become a responsible adult with kids, a mortgage and all the stress and headaches of adult life. I always thought Tahoe was immune and safe from the real world because nothing that ever happened out there had any effect on us and our lifestyle in paradise. Boy, have my eyes been opened to the harsh reality of adult life.

I am here to tell you that I am not the only Peter Pan that has been affected by the mortgage crises, economy and Obamanomics bailouts of big business. I have been dealing with my mortgage company for more than 19 months with no end in sight nor reprieve or bailout. Our middle class and way of life is crumbling due to the government’s inability to rein in big business and their tactics to put it to us. My generation was raised to stand up and work through any financial problems we may get ourselves into and was shameful to declare bankruptcy, walk away from loans and just plain give up. Today it’s a stigma to be financially secure and stay with an upside down loan or toxic mortgage.

I recently wrote about the deterioration of the American Dream and used myself as an example, but I am far from alone. I was blown away with the outpouring of support and horror stories from everyone here. We are not bad people for our financial situations and we should all still walk this town with our heads held high and proud that we are still here. Our town is in worse shape than any one can imagine and I do not see an end in sight nor solution.

I just hope the light at the end of this tunnel isn’t a train coming the other way.

Kenny Curtzwiler

South Lake Tahoe

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