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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Fuel reduction destroys natural beauty

It’s too late for our neighborhood, but for all of you yet to get ravaged by the wood cutting crews working for the conservancy please view first-hand the area between Sitka Circle and Mandan as well as other surrounding areas. You will be appalled by what you see!

Under the guise of a 209-acre fuel-reduction project, our once-beautiful forest has been reduced to piles of rubble. Where once stood beautiful 100-year-old trees, you’ll find only stumps! Once covered with wildflowers and various species of foliage now looks like a tornado went through it! I used to walk along a path from Mandan to Sitka Circle and enjoy the beauty. Now I can’t even find the path! It’s covered with a thick layer of pine branches and wood chips. The only path I now find is from the huge tire tracks left by the heavy equipment allowed on the forest floor. If a fire were to go through there, it would be all over!

There is a need to reduce fuel in the forests through sensitive forest management, but this is counterproductive and an ugly mess! People from the conservancy say in four years we’ll see the forest coming back to its pristine state. Not in my lifetime! The heavy rain we experienced last week shows proof of how this thinning isn’t working. You can see the massive wash running right down to the creek carrying all the wood chips and mud. Well, there goes lake clarity and everyone’s best management practices down the tubes!

Someone needs monitor more carefully how our forests are being thinned. They say loggers aren’t making any money. Nobody these days can afford to do a job for nothing. Numerous logging trucks coming out of Sitka Circle stacked high with old timber is proof enough there is money being made.

Everyone who lives near a forest that has yet to be destroyed should speak up now before it’s too late.

We need forest management and fuel reduction, but do it right!

Debbie Mason

South Lake Tahoe

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