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Letter to the editor: Health insurance should be looked at like car insurance

As usual, conservatives like Harold Parks seems to think that Michael Zucker doesn’t love this country as much as himself because Zucker, along with myself, has a different view of where this country needs to go. I believe that what’s good for the majority, in this case I feel it’s actually the 99 percent, will make a better future for all.

I’m happy that Parks read all 2,400 pages of the Affordable Care Act legislation because I believe most, including his elected representatives, have not. The ACA is not a takeover of the health care system. It is a mandate that changes the system where necessary to assure the majority of our citizens (currently 50 million are uninsured) can get health insurance coverage. For people like my daughter, who has a pre-existing condition, it means she will be able to have health insurance and afford medical care.

As far as the freedom issue, and I have the feeling that Parks wants the choice not to have insurance coverage, it will mean everyone will finally have a means to pay their doctor and hospital bills. When someone doesn’t pay their bill, the hospital/doctor will charge other patients to cover the costs. That means what I’m charged will be higher, forcing my insurance rates to be higher.

We need to look at health insurance like we do car insurance. We are required to have car insurance, or provide proof of financial responsibility (i.e., post a bond) before we can register a vehicle. The same need to be done with medical care. I find it interesting that one of the people filing suit against the ACA recently filed bankruptcy to remove responsibility for unpaid medical services. You and I will have to make up for that by paying more.

Charles Jensen

South Lake Tahoe

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