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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: High-speed chases are dangerous

I wanted to comment on the article that was in the paper on Wednesday, June 30, regarding the high-speed chase with Wadstein driving the Ford Mustang. My parents live on Sunset Drive and Ponderosa Street and often watch my two daughters. Now that school is out, they are outside playing on those streets more often. When I came home from work to hear my parents saw a high-speed chase on their street, I was furious and thankful. Furious because I understand that Wadstein was a suspect in a possible kidnapping, but this town is too small to be having high-speed chases. Luckily, no one was run over, but to be going around residential streets at that speed is too risky for other people’s lives to be risking. I am very thankful that my kids were not playing outside that afternoon, or they would have been hit by the chase.

Jeanna Rangel

South Lake Tahoe