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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Is there no law enforcement in Tahoe anymore?

Recently we have letters about cyclists and the situations that are angering both the cyclist and the local drivers. I, for one, have seen some pretty ignorant behavior on both sides of this argument. When I drive, I put out a rule that works for me – if the other vehicle wanting to be aggressive is bigger than me, I concede that confrontation. Perhaps bicycles might use some common sense and move over properly when motor vehicles are coming … or when riding in groups, ride single file, which I believe is a bicycle “rule of the road.”

That said, I have issue with dog owners. I also own a dog and have owned dogs for many years. They live a long life under my care and it is because I take care of my dog as I would a child. I don’t let them run free in the streets to other peoples’ yards (where I’m sure they also leave behind some “presents” that, by law, should be picked up by the owner).

Doesn’t California have leash laws? I was doing some clean-out work on a house on the West Shore, and there was a woman “walking” her dogs (one of which was a pitbull mix) and they were running loose all over the place – street and yard.

I asked aloud, “Doesn’t anyone believe in leashes?” The reply: “No – not in Tahoe!” Excuse me? Laws exist for everyone’s protection … and I was a resident of the Tahoe Basin from 1994 until 2006. This kind of “entitlement thinking” causes so much trouble to everyone.

My question is: Is there no law enforcement in Tahoe anymore, or do these people think they are exempt from common sense and general courtesies? Thanks for listening.

Judy Marino

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