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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: League supports responsible redevelopment

A recent letter by Nancy Harrison pointed out the importance of considering future generations when making land-use decisions at Tahoe today.

The League is dedicated to advocating for the public’s interest in a pristine environment, including the interests of future generations.

The League has always supported cleaning up blight in Tahoe’s most sensitive lands, including its streams and meadows. The TRPA’s plan does not require cleaning up blight. The plan currently contains so many loopholes that it will spread polluting urbanization rather than actually reduce it.

For instance, a major loophole in this plan would allow large developers to just restore some dirt roads in the backcountry, instead of reducing actual development in a blighted area. Everyone needs to learn about this plan and stay engaged in the process.

On the other points raised by Ms. Harrison, second homeowners and part-time residents now own 75 percent of Tahoe’s properties. They provide vital sustenance to all of Tahoe’s businesses and organizations. More importantly, they provide 75 percent of the property taxes that sustain South Lake Tahoe’s excellent schools. Redevelopment districts like the one currently proposed by the city of South Lake Tahoe provide property tax breaks to large developers, siphoning off important resources from schools. So, redevelopment contains many important considerations.

The League’s board meets the highest standards of non-profits, and includes scientific, financial and legal expertise. We have received the highest rating by Charity Navigator for our operations. Serving on a nonprofit board requires a high level of emotional and time commitment. All of our board members have deep, long-time connections to Tahoe, some of which span many generations. In fact, one of our board members is a Barton baby who was born and raised at South Lake Tahoe.

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Finally, let’s hope there is a beautiful and pristine Lake Tahoe in the future for all children to enjoy when they grow up – whether they are raised by visitors, residents or anyone in between.

Amanda Royal

Communications coordinator

League to Save Lake Tahoe