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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: League’s tactics divisive

I applaud Doug Clymer for his letter on June 10 regarding the League to Save Lake Tahoe’s continued vilification of our community. Like Doug, I choose to live here because I love the area. I love the environment, the beauty, the recreational activities, and the kind and caring community. The last thing I want is to do harm.

I’ve lived here for seven years and in that time I have repeatedly witnessed the League obstruct, grandstand, and vilify anyone who doesn’t drink their Kool-Aid. If you don’t share their agenda, you are the enemy. I, too, would caution the League against making broad, judgmental statements about our community, but it won’t do any good. Their record speaks for itself.

It’s hard enough to navigate the overly complex regulatory waters of the Tahoe basin without the League’s divisive, counterproductive tactics. Ms. Nason needs to wake up. The “existing plans” aren’t working. When I look around South Shore and see excessive blight from one end of the town to the other, not to mention very high unemployment, I have to wonder what kind of person stands in the way of making it better.

The League seems more interested in preserving the (crumbling) status quo and keeping others out than it does in working for the betterment of our community.

Rob Wyatt