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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Let’s tee it up and stop all the crying

I’m very tired of the handful of anti golfers writing letters concerning Lake Tahoe Golf Course.

I’m also tired of a few dictating to the majority. This is the USA where the majority rules, at least that’s the way our forefathers intended. One person wrote in saying proudly that her group had 500 people join in the cause to keep the meadow from being turned into a golf course so they can have a place to walk the dog.

Lake Tahoe Golf Course entertains as many as 1,000 golfers a day plus many Weddings. Most of them are tourists who come from all over the state, country and world. A nine hole course would end this and they would go to Vegas or Reno or who knows where, but golfers would not come here and all the thousands of dollars they spend everywhere in the community would be lost.

All this so a group of 500 can walk through – some of them only once a year if at all – a meadow few know about. The moving of nine holes means the existing nine holes will be made into another meadow area that will run along the river and be a nicer area than the area now and will improve the clarity of the lake, a win win. The LTGC is on state park land and is one of the biggest money makers the California State Park System has and helps keep other parks open during very rough times.

Stop the crying and enjoy the new meadow and river area the will come, and 100,000 golfers coming to our city.

Joseph Martin

South Lake Tahoe

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