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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Managing the bears like the forests

I correlate the management of the wildlife like that of forests. When the forests were clear-cut without proper management, and harvested without restraint, it had serious consequence. The American bison and others animals followed the same fate without foresight as to the repercussions.

After the logging of the trees around Lake Tahoe in the late 1800’s, the pendulum swung to the other side. No cutting down of trees was set as policy. Recent fires and the loss of homes has moved the pendulum back to a balance for now. We have realized that there needs to be proper management, not extreme views, when dealing with a resource.

Likewise, Wildlife officials have studied and been trained to manage what is in their care. Limits of the species and their sex are set in many forms. Ducks, deer, elk and fish all have limits as to how many and which sex can be taken. Black bears are managed the same way. Bears are not a threatened or endangered species. What makes them different?

Animals are a blessing. Both, to be seen in the wild and also to be harvested for the dinner table. Yes, harvested is a proper term to use because the animals are used for a purpose. If not, it violates the law of “wanton waste of game” and should/will be punished.

Be careful about making bears the new golden calf. There is also a law about idol worship.

Leonard O’Malley

Zephyr Cove

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