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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: McClintock’s attack unwarranted

Representative Tom McClintock’s column claiming that my April 3 op-ed piece misrepresented his March “town meeting” failed to cite a single criticism that was inaccurate.

McClintock insisted that his meeting was a public forum announced on radio and in newspapers. True. My lead was that his meeting “was billed as a ‘Town Hall Meeting.'” Guess he missed that!

He’s clearly a big business advocate. Citing his views stated at his meeting is factual reporting, not misrepresentation.

In cutely linking two of my separate thoughts which challenged his claim of “government takeover,” he missed the point that the new health care legislation is a windfall to private insurance.

He wrote that “a federal health czar will mandate every aspect of … coverage that all health care policies must provide and that every American will be forced to buy.” He provided no reference for that claim. That’s because it’s ridiculously false! In truth the law contains no reference to such a health czar. It mandates minimum standards to protect the insured from rapacious insurance company practices. There’s no mandate over “every aspect of coverage.” It’s shameful that a congressman who represents hundreds of thousands of people disseminates such outrageous dishonesty.

His contention that I railed against the Reagan deficit and was “approving of the Obama deficit” is also false. My column simply stated that under Reagan the national debt increased from $700 billion to $3 trillion. That’s not a rail, Mr. Congressman, it’s fact that isn’t changed by your centrifugal spin!

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He falsely wrote that I boasted about the past year’s market rebound and suggested that the economy is thriving. My observation that the major averages rose more than 60 percent in a year was statistical fact, not a boast. To call my factual reference to successive GDP percentage increases a claim of thriving economy is another example of McClintock’s dishonest spin.

Mr. Congressman, you’re entitled to your opinions, but your column contained several false and misleading statements. Your cheap shots at a constituent who never said what you infer he said tell as much about your lack of integrity as does your warped sense of serving corporations at the expense of your constituency.

Michael Zucker

South Lake Tahoe