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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Plastic bag ban unnecessary

I’ve been away so I’m catching up by reading past issues of the paper. One of the first things that caught my attention, was the article on the errant plastic bags. If I had seen that plastic bag, rather than take a picture, I would have picked it up and placed it in the Raleys recycle bin. I was unimpressed with San Francisco (the Sanctuary City), leading the ban on plastic bags. Frankly, I see more beer cans, (probably to avoid open containers in the car), hamburger wrappers and lots of chip bags resting in curbs or down the wooded paths. I noticed most of these items may even have appeared in the second picture shown in a later issue of the paper.

I find many uses for plastic bags. One may carry a third to a half more weight or items using handles on plastic bags than paper (a scientific experiment I performed some time ago), thus saving trips from the car to the house.

First, I use them for kitty litter in the winter time. I’m sure our waste collection guy is pleased and it keeps the garbage can neat. I will not put kitty litter in a cloth bag.

Secondly, I collect recycling bottles. plastic trays and aluminum in the plastic bags in the kitchen before they go to the blue bag. The extra unused bags are saved and go back to the recycled bin at the grocery store. I’m sure there are a lot of people just like me and then there are those who are lazy and irresponsible. I have in mind the Tahoe beaches and the small army of volunteers needed to clean them every spring.

One final thought, we just started to recycle items in South Lake Tahoe within the last six months. I was visiting a friend in Woodland, Calif. last week and took a ride to the recycling area outside town. There was an area set aside for different things, metals, plastic, paint, etc. We had a pickup load of flattened cardboard boxes at no charge (my friend’s previous renter left a garage full of junk). Perhaps in the future, we can provide a larger area for recycling. Start out with newspapers, maybe.

Genevieve Loughran

South Lake Tahoe

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