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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Politicians are all the same

The election for the state Assembly seat in the fourth district is quickly approaching, and yet we are left with the same garbage they call campaigning year after year. I find it amazing how in these difficult economic times all these candidates can come onto television and tell us how they are a great choice like we are a bunch of morons who don’t know any better. Every single one of them chooses the hot topics to run on, such as the economy, and, of course, they promise they have the answers and they go on to tell you how much they care about you and working for the people. We have already seen what false hope and change can do, which is a result of someone telling us what we want to hear, but when they get the position they do the opposite, or nothing at all.

If these and future candidates truly care about the people and helping us, if they truly have these great ideas to bring us jobs and put people back to work like they promise, then ask yourself why are they waiting? Why do we have to continue to suffer and wait for them to get elected before we can get the tools necessary to help our families? If they have the answers, then I say step forward and help those already in power; share your ideas; they will be welcome if they are truly great. Do you really need the job and the excessive pay and benefit package in order to help us, or do you really not care and it’s just all about you?

As voters we need to hold politicians responsible for their actions or lack of them and we need to become pro-active by writing their offices. Let them do that thing called teamwork and share their so-called answers so we can move forward; after all, if they cared why wait?

Kevin Miller


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