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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Prescribed burns present health dangers

Those prescribed burns are the deadliest thing to mankind. Be aware of what dangerous carcinogens are blowing in our faces. Taking care of our forests by torching is a reckless, lazy man’s approach and polluting our air. They are making lots of money in overtime pay at taxpayers’ expense.

That smoke they are blowing down your throats contains benzene. Benzene is produced in forest fires and a known carcinogen. If you smoke cigarettes you are exposed to benzene.

Do you want your young children with their vulnerable lungs breathing in benzene, a known carcinogen?

They are breathing in a poisonous cocktail of acrolein, benzene, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde and particulate matter. These warnings come from our own government advising adult firefighters to wear masks and safe clothing because your exposed skin can absorb these deadly chemicals. Do you want your young vulnerable children unprotected outside, no masks, being exposed?

My own 8-year-old great-nephew was diagnosed with leukemia – the doctors said from benzene exposure. He spent one entire year fighting for his precious life at UCSF. Both parents gave up their lives to be there at a great, costly expense. Thank God, he’s a survivor.

The youngest son of four children, they spent lots of time outdoors, camping and fishing. Both parents were scout leaders and loved experiencing nature with their family. I truly wonder if he was a victim of Prescribed Burns with his leukemia from benzene exposure?

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Then you have those firefighters suited from head to toe with their gear making certain they follow government warnings not to expose themselves because of all the dangers. They make certain no smoke is blowing in their faces.

We need to pass laws to stop controlled burns and protect our innocent victims from toxic smoke.

Paulie Cameron

Gardnerville, Nev.