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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Questions for Dale Rise

With regards to the letter and responses about Dale Rise being held over for trial, most news agencies do not report all the news; they report what is newsworthy.

As for Mr. Rise, I have some questions. Did the officers identify themselves and identify the reasoning for them to be at your house? If yes, these officers have the right to enter if there is a possibility of a felony. Now if you would have let them in they might have counseled and left once they found that no injuries had occurred and no felonies had been committed. Gee, that might have ended it all. If the reports are right, 3-1, why would you take a chance of an arrest by resisting them and not allowing them to enter the house? I don’t know about you, but I was taught only to pick fights that I could win. Picking a fight with three armed offices isn’t one you’re going to win. If the paper is right, trying to attach the wires to an officer is just asking to lose all the way around.

I know that in this country you are innocent until proven guilty. I fought for that right. Common sense and morality would warrant that you step down from the STPUD Board until this case is resolved or do you want drag the rest of the board and staff through the mud with you?

I am employee of the district and have been for 31 years. On the fifth of May I retire.

Do what is right for the board and for the people who elected you. If you are found innocent you will be able to return to a public office, maybe.

Michael Adams

South Lake Tahoe

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