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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Re: Boycott Wall Street?

A lot of media attention has been given to activists who are presently “boycotting,” among other places, Wall Street, because they say they want larger corporations in the country to hire them. Of course, we have learned that many of them are already employed and some are being paid to protest.

I think they may be making some good points if:

1. They want to get a job and don’t expect a handout.

2. They want American corporations to invest in America.

3. They want American companies big and small to stop shipping jobs overseas.

4. They want Americans employed first.

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5. They remain peaceful demonstrations in the good American tradition.

I differ with these activists because they are not focusing their energy and attention on national and state governments (and maybe some local ones), that do not have a plan in place to encourage and support the growth of private-sector jobs in this country. We need national and state governments to encourage and reward private-sector investment in America. In addition to wanting corporations to do their part to support America, governments need to do the following:

n Eliminate tax breaks for companies that ship American jobs overseas.

n Support regulatory reform and tax policies that encourage and reward American companies big and small that hire American workers and produce products in America.

n Support and reward companies big and small that train Americans to perform skilled jobs in the private sector so that we do not have to import skilled labor to take American jobs.

I love the diversity of our country. I also want our government and business to support the employment of Americans first and support products made and assembled by Americans in the United States. Most of us want a free, capitalist, and prosperous America, and we want a government and business sector that supports the employment of the American people.

David M. Jinkens

South Lake Tahoe