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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Response to Kubby’s pot editorial

This is in response to Steve Kubby’s column on “medical” marijuana. The word “medical” is a joke to everyone. You hear people joking about it all the time. All it takes is “I’m really stressed” and the pot docs write a letter allowing you to legally use pot.

I’m not talking about legit sick people who are a small percentage of those being issued these letters. When you consider the huge number of users being issued these letters we would have to have a huge population of very sick people.

Now as far as allowing grow houses, that creates another problem that even Mr. Kubby has written about and that’s the terrible smell that affects everyone who live near these farms.

Kubby has stated that filters can fix this problem, but how many growers will or do use them? I live near one of these houses and in the summer I can’t even open my windows.

Growing should not be allowed in residential areas. If Mr. Kubby wants to make money selling dope, then rent a commercial building and grow it there far away from homes – why should our quality of life be ruined by pot houses?

If the city does allow growing, then air filters need to be made law, and noncompliant growers be shut down and fined any time there’s a complaint filed.

If all these depressed people would stop using a depressant and let their heads clear up they might find out that they’re not that depressed and start doing something positive with their lives.

Robert Martin

South Lake Tahoe

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