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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Response to Zucker’s column

I hope Mr. Zucker’s clients at Regal Securities get better investment analysis than his political analysis in the Trib. It’s important to have political views and great to debate issues. Having lived overseas for 15 years, I can tell you many don’t have this same freedom. We should show our appreciation of such freedom by exercising it wisely. Before you write a column, you owe your readers the professionalism to challenge yourself to ensure your bias hasn’t blinded you. Spewing unjust blather does a disservice to yourself and your readers.

There is much credit to be given for the death sentence handed to Osama bin Laden. Of course George W. Bush didn’t spend a lot of time on bin Laden – neither did Obama.

Unless they were on Google Earth trying to find him, there’s not a lot they could do and not the best use of their time. They hire good people and get them to work. President Bush spoke to a nation in shock, pain, and fear. Don’t judge his words to harshly. Setting aside the debate on interrogation techniques, none of the information needed to find bin Laden came from suspects captured in the U.S. We got them because we were there.

Bush showed courage in what he did; Obama as well. President Obama stated in his campaign that he would violate the sovereignty of a foreign nation (Pakistan) in order to kill bin Laden. It took courage to make a statement that spoke to the mainstream of America but risked upsetting the liberal wing of his base.

When he got the intelligence on bin Laden’s whereabouts he showed courage by picking the risky but righteous plan.

Bin Laden deserved surprise to hear helicopters in his compound. His deserved his quickened heartbeat upon hearing gunfire. He deserved the two bullets.

Keith Byer

Glenbrook, Nev.

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