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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Ribaudo’s attacks unsubstantiated

Carl Ribaudo’s recent attack on Rochelle Nason and the League to Save Lake Tahoe in these pages was remarkably light on substance and heavy on unsubstantiated charges. What has become of the Carl Ribaudo who made his name collecting and disseminating facts about Tahoe?

The League, he says, “has hurt the economy, reduced the quality of life for the local community and ultimately lake clarity.” Oh my! Exactly where and how, he does not say. Perhaps he couldn’t think of any examples, but given time, maybe he will. Or not.

He does charge the League with being responsible somehow for “the Mikasa building” without explaining what he means. And he says, as we all might agree, the shopping center where the League has its office “is an environmental disaster.”

That’s the League’s fault? Are those of us who live in the Keys responsible for its development decades ago? And what about the nearby office building his firm occupies?

Ribaudo also says, “only a major developer with significant funding can get through the (TRPA approval) process… as a consequence of the threat of litigation by the League.” Gosh, where was the League when the convention center was being approved?

And, of course, he blames the League for all the empty commercial space along Highway 50. Apparently he has not read the recent report prepared for his own chamber of commerce.

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On and on. His diatribe makes me feel good that along with so many other locals, I am a League member. Golly, I guess that makes me an “eco-elitist.”

Jerome Evans

South Lake Tahoe