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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Suggestions for Lake Tahoe Boulevard

I attended the April 29 meeting on bicycle “enhancement” program. I came away with two thoughts. One, that cyclists are very passionate for their sport and two that others are ardently in favor of leave well enough alone.

Growing up, my ardent love was ice skating, a six-month winter sport, and cycling, six months in summer (if you were lucky). Mother would never let me have a bicycle when we lived in New York City. But when we moved to Forest Hills, Long Island, I discovered ice skating. Every tennis court was frozen over and you could skate all day for 25 cents. I was off and running. School time was the only thing that interrupted my passion.

I know how these cyclists feel. My son is a summer cyclist. He cycles the Emerald Bay route, which has only one lane and also accommodates pedestrians.   

There were a lot of smart people at the meeting: Attorneys, forestry managers, builders and more who spoke. Several repeated the existence of a dirt path through the forest, located at the base of the High School. I didn’t know that. The argument was that it was too expensive to facilitate. I can hardly believe it would cost over a million dollars to improve a bike path.

I also can’t understand, why Cal-Trans improved and resurfaced Lake Tahoe Boulevard last summer at great expense and did a great job, when they knew this project was on the drawing board.

Let’s get real, a grant, (how to pay for this) is no more than other people’s taxes. The road was built for autos, not bicycles. Let’s figure out a practical way to accommodate the cyclists, through the forest sounds like a great idea.

I didn’t know that some intersections, just south of Sawmill, on Lake Tahoe Boulevard, were very dangerous. There is poor visibility and vehicles drive too fast. Someone should be able to solve this problem. In the meantime, lower the speed limit, hide a cop and soak the devil out of the speeders with tickets. We need the money.

Genevieve Loughran

South Lake Tahoe

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