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Letter to the editor: Tahoe needs to recruit greatness

I could write a very long letter concerning Patching’s column titled “Tahoe’s in Trouble.” There’s been a serious problem with Tahoe for decades.

Criticism and outcry without solutions will continue to be the biggest problem the blue waters of Tahoe face. Fight this, fight that in the name of saving Tahoe is actually hurting the environment. When environmental thought and economic stability work together, that would be considered a smart relationship by most. Tahoe hasn’t had this relationship, with the environment side of thought being one-sided and out-dated. Tahoe is stuck with an infrastructure of the ’60s because of environmental overkill. Tahoe deserves growth financially. This, in turn, provides the monetary power to bring 21st century technology and intellect to the basin.

I believe the goals of the environmental agencies are extremely important. Their solutions to achieve those goals are anything but great. History shows their effectiveness being dismal. We need to hire masterminds to solve these tremendous challenges. This takes intellectual talent … in essence, really really smart people. Recruiting such expertise isn’t free and the solutions they will provide will not come cheap.

Environmentalists can and will stop at no cost. They’ll miss the very thing that might help them achieve what they set out to accomplish. I ask the powers above to help Tahoe by immediately producing actual money trees from which we can shake whenever we need money. This will allow us to start rebuilding and recruiting the best of the best. Recruit so gifted a person that we find them to be strange because their level of thinking is not normal. That’s what makes them great and thus highly recruited. We need more greatness in Lake Tahoe. Find greatness so the economist and environmentalist can laugh about it one day.

Josh Hempel

Zephyr Cove, Nev.

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