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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Taxing the rich won’t solve anything

In summary, Ron Lowe blames the GOP/ Tea Party for sticking it to us by not wanting to tax the rich.

Taxing the rich won’t close the budget gap, period. Taxing the rich, as you and the president want to do, will ultimately bring in less revenue to the federal coffers than what is expected. History has shown this. Lower the tax rate, and more real dollars flow in. President Reagan’s administration proved this to be true. The problem then, as now: Congress spent more than it brought in.

So let’s cut spending! Cut NPR and cut Planned Parenthood – to name two. I’m sure there is more that can be cut. I’m for cutting foreign aid until such time as our budget is balanced.

The problem is not that we’re over-taxed already (we are), it’s that all levels of government spend more than is taken in. The “liberal” solution is to tax you some more, then spend it. This has got to stop!

Gary Lauterback

Santa Maria, Calif.

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