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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: TRPA is becoming more power-grabbing

Wow, the headline’s “TRPA lays off five as part of massive reorganization plan.” Then folks, read the print. There are two full-time and three part-time layoffs … and further in the article is adding “three new full-time positions” and further … “hire a chief operating officer”… and all the blah, blah doublespeak, by Julie Regan for public relations for TRPA.

But the crowning statements are: “the agency may see some immediate savings as a result of the cuts,” and “the plan is likely to have little discernible effect on the agency’s budget in the long term.”

So they lay off two full-time and three part-time and hire three full-time and a COO. This is a textbook government agency, so let’s look for an increase in the salary section of the TRPA budget.

Julie Regan must think the public is really dumb. Guess again. We are watching all of the TRPA doublespeak and under-the-table deals, with the “new regional plan” favoring huge developments crammed into very small spaces that were previously deemed for minimal use.

Everyone should be watching TRPA decisions. They will impact you and your right to enjoy your property and Lake Tahoe and not in a good way. They have become more power-grabbing (if that is possible) and are way off the original charter.

I doubt if any of the “regional plan update team” have even read the original charter.

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If TRPA is to be accountable, it is up to us to make them be. Unfortunately, we cannot vote them out.

Margaret Martini

Incline Village