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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Vote ‘no’ on Measure R

I just read the impartial analysis of Measure R prepared by County Counsel Louis B. Green that appears in the voter guide. It is his last paragraph that caught my eye. Many people are OK with a 50/50 split between bike trail and ball fields but after the initial equitable distribution of the ($470,000), the ball fields get 100 percent of the money up to $500,000. I may be wrong but at $85,000 per year it would be almost six years before the bike trails would see any more of their own money. A faster way to get money to our bike trails would be to vote no on R and require the JPA to bring a bike trail renovation measure in a future election. There are plenty of available elections as we will elect two new presidents before the bike trails would see the distribution of funds proposed in Measure R. Another cleverly worded part of Measure R states “after the $500,000 in Paragraph 4 above has been received for the fields project the JPA is authorized to direct up to 100 percent of available JPA funding.” Why have the “up to” wording in there because if not 100 percent to the trails where else will the money go?

Measure R is a cleverly worded ballot measure that after the initial 50/50 distribution of $235,000 in June 2012 to the trails, redirects 100 percent of JPA funding to ball fields for at least 5 years. Our bike trails can’t wait half a decade to use its own money and even then they aren’t guaranteed 100 percent of their money. Vote no on R.

Stephen C. Reinhard

South Lake Tahoe