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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Voting by my consience

It appears that I trouble Ms. McCarthy’s mind.

Thus, I reply.

I did not vote no on the Ski Run Business Improvement District. I abstained. Also, on May 25, I met with five members of the BID board. I believe we reached an understanding. And years ago, I advocated a farmer’s market for Ski Run like the one in San Luis Obispo.

On redevelopment, in this city the record is marked by trouble and failure, because we have a $200 million public debt with a yearly debt service of $7 million to $8 million dollars. The City and Redevelopment Agency has spent $300,000 on Redevelopment Area No. 2 with nothing to show for it. I do not practice the art of forgetting, nor do I slumber in the bed of denial.

Thus, I do not support redevelopment.

What will be my legacy? I leave legacy to those who need a legacy.

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As a council member, I have only two ways to vote: yes or no. Many times I must say no to many things so that I can say yes to the most valuable things. It is my conscience, not anybody else’s.

Bill Crawford

South Lake Tahoe