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Letter to the editor: We need more people like Rep. McClintock in office

Letter writer Linda McLennan attacks Rep. Tom McClintock, R-Calif., for voting to stop the massive tax increase on all those very wealthy people earning $200,000 per year. She says that hurts ordinary working Americans who have lost their jobs.

In fact, much of the tax increase she advocates would fall on small businesses filing under sub-chapter S. As much as 80 percent of small income would be subject to this tax increase at a time when we’re depending on them to generate 2/3 of the jobs our families desperately need. That’s the president’s jobs plan? It’s no wonder there are fewer Americans working today than on the day Obama became president.

McLennan is right that President Bill Clinton policies produced a strong economy. Clinton cut spending by nearly 4 percent of GDP (Obama has increased it by nearly 4 percent); Clinton required welfare recipients to look for work (which Obama has just rescinded); Clinton produced four budget surpluses (Obama has produced the four biggest budget deficits in history); and Clinton signed a huge capital gains tax (while Obama is intent on massive tax increases).

In the 10 years between 2002 and 2012, inflation and population increased by 35 percent and revenues increased by 33 percent. Spending grew by 76 percent. If government spending were the path to prosperity, we should be living in a golden age.

McClintock warned us these policies wouldn’t work, and they haven’t. We need more people like him in Congress – not more rubber stamps for Obama.

Mavis Bowes

Truckee, Calif.

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