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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Why are gas prices so high here?

Now that we have finally received confirmation of the exorbitant price of gas in South Tahoe, can we maybe have an explanation?

When the national average price for gas dropped 7 cents over a two-week period, our local price was unchanged. When the national price rose 3 cents, we were up 6. There are three to four independent stations that are rising at the same time with the slight exception of the Carson Avenue 7-11 and Tahoe Tom’s. Why are we paying more than anyone in the country?

Because there are tourists to be ripped-off. Unfortunately, there is not a locals discount.

I am guessing that these independent stations share a common owner, or at least have an agreement among themselves to keep the price of gas artificially high.

Our options are limited. A trip to Carson City or, rarely, to the station in Round Hill is about it.

I, for one, would sure like to hear from these station owners. Anyone else?

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Dean Miers

South Lake Tahoe