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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Worst management practices?

Of incidental opinions and ordinary dbservations: To say that our system is broken would imply that it once worked. Take the Best Management Practices imposed on us by our regional planning agency – in my opinion, the program may have just as easily and appropriately been named the Worst Management Practices for the following reasons. Compliance certificates are awarded at a rate of about one 1,000 per year. We have more than 40,000 homes in our Tahoe basin. Easy math would suggest that it would take 40 years to fully implement the entire system and, just to toss in some irony, the holes we fill with drain-rock today will be completely filled with silt by 2016 and just about as absorbent as rock, rendering the entire system just as useless as it is today. Or consider the supposedly user-friendly BMP calculation spreadsheet, in my opinion, the most complicated useless piece of programming in existence for the simple reason that it fails to include watershed from adjacent parcels. How exactly does that work? How is it that the homeowners should shoulder the entire burden of water infiltration while the much larger culprit gets to skate free or is infiltrating surface water from our streets too difficult a problem to solve?

Additionally, is there any chance our regional agency will consider being less complicated? There is no reason that an excess coverage mitigation fee schedule should require four mathematical operations. If it does, you either think too much or think too much of yourself.

It is also my opinion that we as a community should consider stop using programs developed from out of the area and then call them our own. The very reason we have missed the real issues is because we have not yet faced the real problems.

Comments welcome.

Mark Allione

South Lake Tahoe

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