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Letter: Angora Fire escape is why I’ll vote ‘Yes’ on Measure B (Opinion)

In 2002, my husband and I moved to a home located in what was to become the Angora Fire burn area. The events of June 24, 2007, are imprinted in my memory and we were some of the fortunate few whose home and possessions weren’t burned.

That June 24 day was quite windy, and though I was at home, my husband was at work. I called him the moment I saw that initial black shaft of smoke rising skyward, and while waiting to speak with him I went out on our deck where I heard partially cooled wood embers pinging as they fell on the deck and rooftop.

I would not wish on anyone what came next: needing to assign a degree of importance to our possessions to determine what to rapidly pack up and take since the prospect of our house burning seemed imminent.

I remember backing out of my driveway and stopping to look at my house and yard as it was at that precise moment, seeing it like that possibly for the last time.

I remember driving past Sawmill Pond and seeing spot fires burning all around in that area and believing that all hope was lost and that the entire area and a lot more would burn.

What happened that day is the reason I support Measure B: to give our local firefighters the best chance possible of extinguishing fire with the greatest degree of safety for them.

Singular and multiple structure fires will occur as will catastrophic fire and I think it is shortsighted to deny supplying those brave individuals with every possible advantage to do their jobs while they attempt to save our homes, possessions and forest.

Priscilla W. Tommei, South Lake Tahoe

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