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DCSD doesn’t mean Dr. Clark’s district

To the editor:

I nominate Dr. Pendery Clark for “Educator of the Year.” She has taught everyone in Douglas County a lesson (well, perhaps with the exception of the seven School Board trustees). The lesson is that we all would have enjoyed her being differently employed. I have never seen anyone exercise so much control over an elected board. These are intelligent and, for the most part, people with the good of the schools at heart. Yet, Dr. Clark has manipulated them into having confidence in her to the extent that they unanimously agreed to extend her contract another year.

A major part of the Board meetings consists of planned presentations made by teachers and staff members. When you sit through these, you hear only positive things. I believe that the presentations are sincere; but after all, who would get in front of the Board and the superintendent and say that the program or project he/she is working on is a failure, lacks supports, or is otherwise screwed up. This would be professional suicide, taking into account teachers’ careers are dependent upon the superintendent looking upon them with favor. It is unfortunate that the Board members do not see through this facade.

Teachers, moreso than many other professionals, tend to work for the same employer (district) for an extended time and often throughout their career and it is risky to challenge an administration. It is particularly risky when the superintendent has a history of patronage and vindictiveness. Her pets can do little wrong and those who challenge her can do no right. Many teachers and staff of the district know that Dr. Clark cannot be trusted; if you are critical of her administration, there will be retribution.

Given this cheery setting, a group of teachers had been pushed by the administration, and Dr. Clark in particular, to sign their names to a public letter protesting the tactics of her administration. This is not a trivial event. During the 24 years I have lived in Douglas County, I don’t recall a similar act. Our teachers are not militant.

Dr. Clark’s administration has a history of ignoring problems until they teach a critical state and the current unrest with the teachers in Douglas County is a direct result of her lack of concern. She uses her office as a fortress of power and not for understanding and conciliation. Money certainly is an issue with the teachers but I suspect the demands would be less if Dr. Clark was not a player. It is incredulous that Board members fail to see the underlying cause of the District’s problem.

Dr. Clark is an excellent buffer – nothing but positive flow upward and the Board supports her; those below her see the real world and simply don’t trust her. Either we change the makeup of the Board and dump Dr. Clark or we’ll lose more good teachers and other competent staff members. With five of the seven board members’ seats up for election, it seems pretty clear what should happen, and we have an opportunity to make positive changes. If Dr. Clark doesn’t go, more and more of the good teachers and staff members will.

How nice it would be if she were not in charge of Dr. Clark’s School District (DCSD), but that Douglas County citizens were. And how nice it will be to have five new Board members.

Bill Laughlin, Zephyr Cove

Teens want separate entrance to movies

To the editor:

We are responding to a letter about the casino theater in the March 31 issue. We believe that the casinos are supportive to our community and the new theater is a great theater.

But in our opinion, we think there should be a separate entrance to the theater.

We know that some people complain about it. We are not trying to complain! We are trying to change the way things are.

Some people can be allergic to cigarette smoke or kids might want to see a movie without being escorted by an adult.

And second-hand smoke can be a problem to most people; it can be dangerous to their health.

Teen-agers can’t go on dates to the movies anymore without an adult.

It just seems natural that there should be a separate entrance for teens and children.

STMS Club Live Leadership, South Lake Tahoe

Books suggested to guide in millennium

To the editor:

In a recent letter to the editor I made an attempt to encourage concerned people to read three “eye-opening and very informative” books. To date, my letter has not appeared. In this year of a presidential election and a new millennium approaching, it is more important than ever for all of us to use our uncommon sense – an endangered commodity – and take more self responsibility.

The Earth has become a global Alcatraz, a spinning ball of control and imposition dictated by the few at the expense of the many. The human race has not been free for a very long time but the trick is to persuade us that we are free.

Yes, we are free to watch television – 50 channels of mindless junk that closes down our sense of infinity and feeds us the illusions of what we should be, do, think and act like.

We are free to watch the news and see journalists telling us, without question, the official explanation of events, designed to ensure that we see the world in a desired fashion and react in a desired way.

We are free to do as they tell us, free to think as they tell us, free to live as they tell us.

We have stopped thinking for ourselves and given our authentic power away. It may appear to be difficult for a handful of people to control the lives of six billion; it is in fact easy, once you have control of education and the media.

Someone once said there are three types of people: A few who make things happen, a larger number who watch things happen and all the rest asking, “what is happening?” The truth is denied to people because it will set them free.

The three books that I highly recommend are (1) “And The Truth Shall Set You Free;” (2) “The Biggest Secret,” both by David Icke; and (3) “Healing Codes for the Biological Apocalypse” by Dr. Len Horowitz and Dr. Joseph Barber. Please, for the love of God, family and country, buy, read, then share these three books.

Carl L. Highland, Zephyr Cove

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