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Solaro gets bad rap for asbestos stand

To the editor:

I received in the mail – as I suppose every registered voter in District 5 did – a derogatory mailing/flyer from the “Friends Of El Dorado County,” whoever they are, smearing our Fifth District supervisor, Dave Solaro, accusing him of “selling out” on the asbestos ordinance. There were two other supervisors who agree with Solaro, either one of which could have been the “swing vote.” I don’t know who Bernard Carlson, CEO (big title for a little man) is, but from his remarks, it appears to me that he is trying to mimic our illustrious Gov. Davis with behind-the-scenes political maneuvering.

It is unfortunate that Carlson would have the Board of Supervisors or any of its members put the imagined “significant harm to county economics” above the health and well-being of the citizens of this county and the general public.

Obviously, he doesn’t know, or is indifferent to, the effects of asbestos infection. I do, as my lungs are infected because of the lack of laws 50 years ago to protect workers mining it or using it in industry. To me, this asbestos ordinance is an immediate stopgap to protect the public until more guarantees are developed to protect the public. The ordinance, when no longer needed, can be done away with or repealed. For now, thank you, Supervisors Bradley, Humphreys and Solaro, for your wise decision to implement this ordinance.

In all my dealings with Supervisor Solaro and his office assistant, Judy Hawkins, they have been to the point, straightforward. Nor do I think he would compromise his integrity for Mr. Carlson or anyone else. Supervisor Solaro doesn’t need the support from the influence-peddlers and pressure-mongerers to make just and honorable decisions that he was elected to do for the benefit of the county and the people who elected him.

As long as he keeps up the good work, we the people will support him.

Ed Baehr


More movie venues

good for community

Editor’s note: The following letter is addressed to the South Tahoe Redevelopment Agency and appears here at the author’s request.

To the editor:

My wife and I strongly support the selection of Resort Theaters of America to operate the new theaters in the Park Avenue project. We had been hoping that a strong theater operator would come into the South Shore.

The Wallace Theater Corporation has not given the area good service. Their offerings consist mostly of pap, which is an insult to anyone of any intelligence. The new focus projected by RTA would give the area exposure to films of higher quality, which will please discerning residents and the many upscale visitors to the area.

In addition, Wallace Theaters has shown remarkable insensitivity by putting its theaters inside a casino, thereby forcing children to go to a casino if they want to go to the movies.

The competition provided by Resort Theaters of America will be very good for the South Shore region.

We hope that you will approve this arrangement at your March 21 hearing.

William D. Bandes

Zephyr Cove

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